Irving Park Menu

Franks Chicago Shrimp House: Irving Park Road Menu

Open 7 days:Phone Number (773) 286 – 2533

Fish & Chicken by the Pound1/41/23/4#1Dinners
Fried Shrimp: Chicago Style$4.25$8.50$12.75$17.00$9.00
Fried Shrimp: Regular Style$4.25$8.50$12.75$17.00$9.00
Sea Scallops$3.75$7.50$10.50$14.00$7.75
Catfish Strips$2.50$5.00$7.50$10.00$6.00
Fish Chips$2.50$4.80$7.30$9.50$6.00
Ocean Perch$2.25$4.50$6.75$9.00$5.50
Frog Legs$2.25$4.25$6.50$8.505.25
Chicken Strips$2.25$4.50$6.75$9.00$5.50

DINNER INCLUDES: Fries and Cole Slaw or Macaroni

Side Orders: Per OrderBy PoundMixed Basket
Mushrooms/Onion Rings/Zucchini/Cauliflower$3.00$8.50$8.50
Side Oders
Large Fries$1.75Small Fries$1.50
Clam Strips$2.75Hush Puppies$2.00
Calamari Rings$3.00Potato Pancakes$2.50
Jalapeno Poppers$3.75Cole Slaw$1.25
Macaroni Salad$1.25
12oz Cans$1.00

All Prices Subject to Change